To be completely honest I didn’t really know where I would be in life at the age of 22. I didn’t know where God was going to have me. However, I figured by that time (at the age of 22) I would have graduated college and would have probably started teaching in an elementary school right now. I also imagined that I would have a boyfriend. Yes, I am dating someone right now, but I thought I would have already had someone before 5 years would pass after high school graduation. I thought that maybe once I started college I would have an “Official” mature relationship. However, what I got was the exact opposite. I got the guys who were never really serious about dating anyone, the ones who just wanted to “Have fun”. And I was not about that life.

Where I am in life right now has been kind of great! 🙂 This year has been different. The past 5 years since high school have been way different. There have definitely been bumpy roads, however those roads brought me to where I am today. And where I am today is a happy place, a place where I believe Jesus is capturing my heart. He is trying to show me the things I need to work on in our relationship, in order for me to get closer to Him.

There are people in my life now who are having kids and getting married. Some are even engaged at the ages of 20 and 21. And I am just in my little corner of the world, waiting for prince charming to come. Maybe he already has and I just don’t know it yet. But it’s all in God’s hands! My point is, is that I thought I would be on my way to getting married and traveling with my husband. But I also still see that in my future. I don’t think my timing was lining up with God’s timing for my life. I like to think that God want’s me to be a “kid” as long as I possibly can be and I am absolutely ok with that. I am in no rush to get married or have kids. But right now, in this moment I am happy. I am happy because I can focus on others, my career/school work, my friends and family, myself and most of all- God. This time is so precious because I don’t have any distractions that are taking all of my time away from my time spent with God.

I have had my moments of sheer break down.. when I cry because I wish I could be a little further a long in school than I am now, but that’s when God jumps in and says to me, “Jordan, I’ve got this.”

To conclude, I guess I thought I would be done with school and possibly in a relationship, but at this point in life I am so happy that God has me with all the ones I love and all the ones that love me back. I am happy God has me right where he wants me. I believe he is teaching me, molding me, breaking me, making me, and shaping me into who He has created for me to be.

Phillipians 4:6-7